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Break the Silence, Prevent the Event

For a growing number of schools nationwide, students are sharing information and confidential tips via the Safe School Helpline®.

Sound too good to be true?  It’s today’s reality.

Students have eagle eyes and excellent hearing.  Student do know what’s about to come down.  They have heard the threats, seen the evidence, and are ready and willing to share information with school authorities when they can do so anonymously, and without fear of retribution.

Just imagine:

  • What if the school could prevent a suicide?
  • How about stopping a drug ring cold?
  • What if you learned the whereabouts of a concealed weapon before if could do damage?

These and many other tragic situations have already been prevented by the Safe School Helpline®.  Wouldn’t you, as concerned administrators and as loving parents, want this tool to help create a safe learning environment for all students?

Take a proactive step to stop trouble before it starts.  Watch the videos below and see what schools around the country are doing to keep their schools safe.

What Schools Are Saying About the Safe School Helpline

As both a school superintendent and a law enforcement officer, I know that the safety of our students is the top priority, and implementing the Safe School Helpline for our district was a great decision. This great service is absolutely invaluable for children and communities today. I highly recommend the Safe School Helpline!

Dr. Steve Webb

Goreville CUSD #1

Best practice in security today is to have a variety of ways in which students, teachers, and anyone in a community can report information, including an anonymous tip line such as the Safe School Helpline. Often people are afraid of retribution, and this eliminates that excuse.

William Downey

Retired FBI Special Agent

Since we began the Safe School Helpline in our district, we have received numerous reports that have made Scott County Schools safer for learning. I know for a fact this service prevented a teen suicide in our district. Both the board and I believe this is the best investment the district has ever made.

Dr. Kevin Hub

Supt., Scott County Schools, KY

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Safe School Helpline: Empowering Students for Enhanced School Safety Through Anonymous Reporting

The Safe School Helpline® has emerged as a crucial school safety solution, empowering students to play an active role in maintaining a secure educational environment. This anonymous tip line for schools serves as a vital conduit for students to report wrongdoing, potential threats, or any other school-related safety issues that may compromise daily school activity. By providing a platform for web, text, phone, and mobile app, for anonymous reporting, the Safe School Helpline ensures that students feel secure in coming forward without fear of retaliation. This invaluable resource not only acts as a preventative measure against potential incidents but also enables schools to address concerns promptly and ultimately contributing to enhanced school safety. The information provided through this tip line becomes an essential tool for educators, allowing them to collaborate with emergency services and take proactive steps to maintain a safe and supportive learning climate for all students.

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