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Nationwide Coverage The Safe School Helpline® is currently in thousands of schools throughout the United States. We have a presence in the following states: Alaska, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Read what administrators are saying about the Safe School Helpline®  As both a School Superintendent and a Law Enforcement Officer, I know that the safety of our students is the top priority and implementing the Safe School Helpline® for our District was a great decision. This turnkey program not only creates a safer learning environment at a reasonable cost, but it also provides much needed mental health counseling services 24/7 for our students at times when they need it most.  This is a service that is recommended by law enforcement agencies and mental health agencies alike that is absolutely invaluable for children and communities today.  I highly recommend the Safe School Helpline! Dr. Steve Webb, Illinois Superintendent 'Silence is the strongest weapon in their arsenal. I was happy to tell the chiefs how beneficial our Helpline is to schools.' Sandy Garrett, former Oklahoma State Superintendent 'Best practices in security today is to have a variety of ways in which students, parents, teachers, and anyone in the community can report information, including an anonymous tip line such as the Safe School Helpline®. Often people are afraid of retribution, and this eliminates that excuse.' William F. Downey, retired special FBI agent 'Numerous times throughout recent years the Safe School Helpline® has alerted our school personnel to the possibility of potential danger in our schools. There is no doubt that the Safe School Helpline® has been of tremendous importance in our school safety efforts.' Steve Dackin, former Spt., Reynoldsburg City Schools 'You would rather be a penny-wise than pound-foolish. Pay this small amount now in order to save much later.' High School Principal, IN 'In a world where it seems more and more people don't want to get involved, the Safe-Call Helpline has provided a way for people to become involved in their community and school, yet still maintain that anonymity they seem to value.' High School in Oklahoma 'We are very, very pleased with having this additional channel of communication. We have gotten probably between 8-12 reports this year. We have acted on them very quickly and we feel like this has definitely made our schools safer.' Muskogee Public Schools, Oklahoma 'It is better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not to have it.  If it saves on life, it’s worth it.' High School Principal, IN