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Implementation When your schools start using the Safe School Helpline® program, they will receive implementation guidance, orientation videos and an 'Anti-Bullying Action Plan for Educators' DVD to assist them with rolling the program out to their student and parent population.  On-site training of administrators and staff is also available. At the beginning of every year, your school district will receive a fresh supply of: Brochures Magnets Classroom posters (8.5 x 11) Hallway posters (11 x 17) Bullying posters (11 x 17) Mental Health Counseling posters (11 x 17) The posters should be hung within the school buildings while brochures and magnets should be sent home to the parents. These awareness materials have been designed to help make the most of your safe school program.  Banners are also available upon request. Send a Letter to Every Parent A letter should be signed by the School Superintendent and sent with the brochure and magnet to parents.  Nearly 70% of our calls originate from concerned parents.  Their reports are more detailed and less likely to be pranks than those received from students.  Parents are vital to a successful helpline program.  Sample letters can be obtained by clicking here and here. Publicize It Send a press release to your local newspapers, TV newsrooms and radio stations.  The media is eager for stories.  Fifty to seventy-five percent of all people interviewed on TV and radio, in newspapers and magazines, either arrange the interviews themselves or have a PR firm do it for them.  A sample press release can be obtained by clicking here. Follow-up with a phone call.  If you’ve had any incidents, discuss how they were resolved.  Demonstrate your commitment to school safety and use this program as an example of a solid, successful preventive measure that is part of an overall school safety plan.
Promotion and communications are KEY to the successful implementation of the Safe School Helpline®.